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My clients viewing the 17th century painting depicting the private army of their ancestor ANCESTRAL TRIPS

Your ancestors emigrated from Poland? You are looking for already known or still unknown Polish ancestors? You would like to visit the places where they lived? Find living relatives? You want to learn more about your origins?

Please contact us. We are experienced genealogical researchers ready to guide you on the journey to meet your Polish ancestors. This is not only our business. It is our passion!

This offer is directed solely to those who are planning a genealogical trip to Poland and will use our services here.
Prior to your arrival we may: At the Archives

  • Locate the place(s) of your origin
  • Look for the vital records of your ancestors
  • Translate documents from Polish, Russian, German and Latin into English
  • Translate personal, business and legal correspondence, back of photographs
  • Look for living relatives and then arrange reunions and help to stay in contact
  • Work out the itinerary of your trip including the sightseeing program of the region

When you arrive we shall:
  • Provide you with a car and a driver - interpreter
  • Upon request arrange for a visit at the church or archives, registrar's offices and other institutions
  • Assist you during your stay in Poland to make the most of your trip


Each research is unique. The costs and terms depend on many factors, such as the availability of the sources, range of research, as well as additional expenses (telephone calls, archival fees, field travel) we need to take. But we inform our clients about all the costs in advance so it will be you who will manage the expenses.

We charge as follows:

Translation of records (baptism, birth, marriage, death) - 13 EUR/15 USD per each. If there are many records from the same source (i.e. the same handwriting), the price can be subject to negotiations.

Translation of other texts: 10 EUR/11 USD for 1800 characters, including spaces.

Time spent on the project: 15 EUR/16 USD per hour

Tours: Daily fee for a driver - interpreter - 160 EUR/180 USD plus the accommodation costs when outside Warsaw. Car - 0,4 EUR/0,45 USD per 1 kilometer

Please contact us for a more detailed quotation on your particular tour.
Deposit of 370 EUR/400 USD required on all approved research projects.

Jadwiga Weralska

phone: + 48 607 459 702
e-mail: send e-mail

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